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Kyoto Ryokan Shoei
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Kyoto Ryokan Shoei
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Kyoto Ryokan Shoei
Elegant four-star hotel “Kyoto Ryokan Shoei” is located within 3 km from the heart of Kyoto.
Please provide all guest names. Adding or changing name is not acceptable after the booking made. If change need to be made, please cancel and make a new one. Please inform our OP children’s age if they have reservation, otherwise they may not check-in successfully. One bed can only accommodate one child if charge is waived by children’s policy. Some hotels in Osaka and Tokyo will have additional charge on tax fee and Ryokans will charge hot spring fee. These fee will be collected in hotel when you check-in. If your check-in time will pass 23:00, please contact Ctrip or the hotel in advance. If you choose the room with dinner, please contact Ctrip or the hotel in advance if your check-in time will pass 18:00. Otherwise, you may miss the dinner. Any special requests could not be guaranteed in advance and all services are subject to availability.